WANTED: Full Steering Kit (Assembled or Disassembled)

Hi Everyone,

I’m quite new to the world of farming and AgOpenGPS. I was reading through many posts and was wondering if there were any members that have a full steering kit for sale at the moment (either assembled or all of the individual parts, just assembly required) ?

Thanks for your assistance.


Which country are you in?

Hi Hobbyfarmer,

I’m located in South Africa at the moment, but there’s no problem for me organizing a courier like DHL or FedEx to collect.


I am from Poland, can somone make it for me ?

I think @baraki can help you very good with that

Hi, I have a GNSS Automated Steering System,do you have any expected price?

Hi Werner, please join Telegram group whose members are all using AgOpenGPS for help.

Telegram: Join Group Chat

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