War in Ukraine

War in Ukraine.

Friends !
I understand that this topic does not correspond to our forum, but I ask for your help.
Russian fascists invaded the territory of Ukraine and unleashed a terrible war in the very center of Europe.
They carry out carpet bombardments of peaceful cities and completely destroy them along with the civilian population.
These fascists are doing worse than during the Second World War - they are bombing schools, hospitals, maternity hospitals, all civilian infrastructure.
We have been fighting for 16 days, although Ukraine was planned to be captured in two days.

All information about the war can be found on the website: https://war.ukraine.ua/
I ask you to unite against the Russian fascists and stop them.
If Ukraine does not stand, these fascists will come to you, and the war will be in your cities.
We do not need any money or other material resources from you.
Use all your possibilities to stop Russian fascism.

Help close the sky over Ukraine - write petitions to your governments with this demand!!!

While Ukraine is under rocket fire, Russians can use GitHub to develop applications and platforms aimed at destabilizing Ukrainian web resources.

Please prevent these actions and don’t stay on the same side as the invaders!

We urge you to close GitHub for Russia and its developers! We appreciate your support and need your action!


Confession of military pilots about the bombing of civilians (there is an English translation)

My heart is with you.

I have already sent equipment and money to Ukraine and I have registered my house for refugees. Some of my old friends from the RAF have travelled to Ukraine to join the foreign legion and I almost joined them, I may still.

The problem we have with NATO joining you or imposing a “No fly zone” is that this is an immediate declaration of WW3 and I believe that Putin has no reservations about using nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. If NATO enters Ukraine, then this gives him the excuse he needs.

One thing I can say is that the Russian people do not know what is happening, Pravda and other propaganda engines are working hard to keep the reality from the Russian people. Last night I was discussing politics with a Russian citizen who was begging, “NATO, please do not nuke us.” All the news he sees blames NATO for this saying that NATO was going to attack Russia and the invasion of Ukraine was necessary to prevent this.

There is some positive news emerging, today it was reported that Putin had arrested the Head of the FSB, Sergey Beseda, because the war with Ukraine is not working out. Basically, Putin’s empire is beginning to crumble.

Stay strong, you are fighting a war for the world here and we are beside you. I wish we could literally stand beside you and defeat this menace, but if we do, then he will start throwing WMDs and the world dies.

Putin will fall, he will fail, the invasion of Ukraine is the worst mistake he could have made and this will end him.

They say that there are three things you can see from space: the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids and the balls of the Ukrainian people.

My thoughts are very much with you.


I agree with all of this excellent article of the Bluerabbit, it is very well written, our support is with you, God bless you.

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Alberta was heavily settled by Ukrainian immigrants, we are deeply troubled by this conflict. There are rallies at our government buildings in your support. Many volunteers have left to join you. The entire civil world is behind you, and supports you. Slava Ukraine.

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Hello friends!!!
I am glad that you support Ukraine in our struggle for freedom!
The more people around the world will join our fight, the faster we will defeat these fascists.
I did not make a reservation, calling the regime in Russia fascist, because it is their soldiers who shoot and rob civilians (the son of my friends was simply shot when he was driving a car and finished him off in the head, he was a civilian !!!)
My friends also live in the city of Trostyanets.
There, a sniper shot civilians and the occupiers forbade the removal of their bodies, and also forbade an ambulance to respond to calls.
I described to you only two cases from my friends, and how many such cases are in the occupied territory …???
You can see all those horrors of the bombing of peaceful cities in your news.
Cities are being wiped off the face of the earth!
I have a question - how to call such people ??? - write it yourself in the comments.
You say that people are not to blame, because they are zombified by propaganda …
Nowadays, if there is a desire, it is very easy to find the truth … but only if you want it.
I have relatives in Russia, and since the beginning of the war, I have been trying for many days to prove to them what is going on with us.
In response, I heard only this - Russia is doing everything right!, after which I broke off all relations.
These people are slaves who are afraid of their own shadow, they are driven to die in the war without explaining anything to them, and they go, but they are afraid to stand up for themselves, for their freedom.
You wrote that Putin will start a nuclear war if NATO supports us or gives us planes …
Have you thought that after Ukraine, he will tell the NATO countries - give up or I will start a nuclear war…???
What will you do then?
Now on Russian television they say directly - Russia will not stop at Ukraine! They are already preparing their people for a big war… and what are you doing?
Now European countries have not even imposed an embargo on Russian gas and oil.
You can force your government to isolate Russia and not pay her money to continue the war.

Only together we will win!!!

If everyone is for himself, we will all lose.

I say again that I do not ask you for financial support

  • support us with your active citizenship.

Democracy is not just a word, it is an opportunity to force your government to do what the majority of free people need!!!

Glory to Ukraine ! Glory to heroes !


That sounds like a job done by the wagner group , a special group og soldiers from Russia. Ukraine war: What is the Wagner Group of 'secret' Russian mercenaries? | World News | Sky News

Yes, what will we do? Putin is acting like Hitler in the years just before WW2, taking a bit of land here and then another, but one day Hitler crossed the line and WW2 started.

When Putin took Krim, we did not act hard enough, so Putin thought he could just take Ukraine as well.
But Putin miscalculated, there has been very hard sanctions against Russia already, and more to come, but we are not ready to start WW3 yet.

So at the moment we support by opening our homes for refugees and collect money to help the several million refugees inside Ukraine, last night alone during a concert for Ukraine (transmitted on both main country TV channels), 24 million euros to red cross and other organisations.

I know that does not help you now, when Putin is bombing cities in Ukraine the same way as Russia wiped out cities in Syria, to help another diktator there.


This is not a Wagner group - these are ordinary soldiers.
They have not yet come to the front line and therefore rob and kill civilians.
But when they arrive at the front, thanks to our soldiers and the supply of your high-tech weapons, they will go straight to HELL!, where the local devils will be very happy with them!

peace and freedom much more important than canbus! . Wholeheartedly with you …

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As soon as we understand, we pray that all this will stop. Why didn’t President Zelenski make a truce? The other day, a meeting was broadcast on the radio in Turkey and several demands were summed up: Crimea and the two republics, Russian language, without NATO.
Yes, you have every right to be independent, but at what cost? Russia is a neighbor and you have to understand each other, you have shown everyone that you stand for your justice, but without concessions everything is doomed, because we are literally going to WW3, and after it there will be few and many cockroaches.
NATO has put pressure on you and they have really left you to fend for yourself.
Yes, honor requires you to fight to the last drop of blood, but when you have an opponent against you who is just as determined, the result will be tragic for all mankind.

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You don’t understand the situation at all!
Putin wants to completely destroy Ukraine first, then other countries.
he wants to make slaves of us, the same as the population of Russia …
and then he will come to you.
Putin and Russia have not fulfilled a single promise or agreement that they gave …
They lied everywhere - in all the world’s venues - don’t you remember their performance?
They are bandits on the world level, and you are simply afraid of them!
Instead of fighting back and putting them in their place, you think to negotiate with them …
You are very much mistaken, and you will soon understand it, but it will be too late …
Only force can stop such killers as Modern Russia.
I’m sorry you don’t understand this.

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This is not the right forum to discuss this !


Farmers helping farmers is the motto. Isn’t a Russian farmer still a farmer? Isn’t a Chinese farmer still a farmer? None of us agree with our political leaders. And we must support all farmers who help farmers. Post against Putin and what he has done against farmers. But don’t post against Russians in general. That’s racist. Grouping a group of people together based on things they can’t control has a tendency to come back to bite.

We are against any country invading another country. There are situations that may seem justified, but then it becomes one country imposing its morals on another. That doesn’t seem right either. War and peace are complicated. We should probably avoid making big decisions about things other than what the group was formed for. Condemn the war today, have to fight next week. We will be the first to say that the invasion is wrong and despicable.

But this is not the place.

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