WAS Calibration

Hello, I’m back with another basic question. It’s probably been asked before, but I’ve had a quick scan and can’t find the thread.

About WAS calibration…

Every time I turn everything on I have to go into the PCB sketch and calibrate the steering position 0 and I’m wondering if I’m missing something obvious?

I tried to get V4 working and noticed that the WAS needs positioning correctly to get this working, so I tried this and had problems. As such I have gone back to V3.0.7 which works really well for my purposes.

However, I did position the WAS as perfectly as possible and yet still I have to calibrate it every time.

Is this avoidable? Have I messed up the physical installation?

adjust wheel angle sensor slider

That’s only effective within a given range. Today when I turned it on, it was showing -7100 or close. You can’t fine tune this in the GUI as far as I understand it, it has to be done via the ino.

So I do so and then the next time it’s out by another random (high) number.

You should check the WAS voltages. They should always be the same when yours wheels are pointed straight forward.

You are asking if you have messed up the physical installation (of the WAS?) but you don’t show your installation. Some photos might help.

Do you have a lot of play on the joints of your WAS arms? I’ve put a spring that removes all the play, even if I don’t think my WAS joints have any significant play.

Getting a clear photo wouldn’t be easy due to where it is mounted. What I can say is that I had Serial Monitor running while I installed it and ensured that this was zeroed as best possible.

There is no play in the arm.

It’s ok, I’ll strip it all down and remount it,

This seems like 5v from usb and then powering up 5v from the PCB. Could also be faulty power from USB or bad analog to digital converter, or some bad solder units.
Try testing by only power from USB and then turn on power to the PCB.
I know that was will change when shifting from USB power to PCB power.
It’s like 4v to the whole PCB when only on USB (because nano can’t supply enough power to the whole PCB) and off course 5v when PCB is powered correctly.

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