WAS housing for Honeywell RTY series

The RTY comes without a lever arm. It is important that the sensors are not loaded by the lever arm. This can be achieved with a shaft and two bearings. The lever arm is attached on one side of the shaft and the sensor on the other side. I think that the lever arm should be made of metal, the shaft made of stainless steel, as well as the ball bearings and the fastening screws of the sensor so that the magnetic field is not affected. The housing for the bearings could be made by a 3D printer:



I haven’t printed the housing yet (but the shaft and bearings are ordered).


This are 3D files for honeywell RTY housing with one bearing: %product-title% kaufen
Bottom stainless steel screw in wood 4 pieces 6 mm diameter 50 mm long.
Was is screwed to the holder with stainless steel 2 pieces 5 mm diameter x 40 mm long.
And the other screws stainless steel 3.5 mm diameter and the lenght 4 pieces 19 mm and 2 pieces 13 mm long. Just cut them.
Scraper ring 22 x 11 x 8 mm as on picture is meant from top to protect the was from dust and water. It is put upside down. Other conection are meant to be sealed with silicon.



Some parts arrived, I printed a part of the housing to check the fitting of the bearing:
I will order some honeywell sensors.

Very nice solution you made for the sensor. And you need nobody to make the axle.
Do you use the LV or the HV variant of the sensor and why?
How many degrees have the sensor to have in your installation? 90°?

Thanks. Yours is more powerfull and easyer to assemble. l have a lathe and probably i could machine the axle but anyway its easyer to print it. In datasheet for honeywell is written that 75 mm from midle should not be ferrous materials. I could achieve 60 mm. Yes the honeywell is 90 degres and LV that means ratiometric but dont know in reality what is the difference between them. Which one could be more stable ? But the LV looks pretty stable.

The autodesk fusion file, the stl-files and some pictures are on github:



What size of bearings are used? Inside Diameter, outside diameter, width

12mm, 28mm, 8mm, it’s a S 6001 RS

Is the rod a purchased part or did you make it on a lathe? I see there is a hole with a set screw for the sensor input shaft.

Was made on a lathe.

I have another question on the Angle sensor that you build. What output did the Honeywell sensor have? The data sheet lists a standard and inverted output. I would like to have 4.5 volt output when turning right. It probably doesn’t matter for Ag open Gps but I have other systems that I would like to use this with. I’ve looked at the data sheet but can’t decide which on is correct.

I don’t know anything about a reverted output. Output is from 0.5 to 4.5 V. No idea wich position is 4.5V.

The spec sheat have drawings at the bottom, showing how output is for both the standard A, and inverted B type

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