WAS issues

I’ve been assisting someone with an AOG build and we are having serious problems with the WAS. (RQH100030) . Wonder if anyone can offer any pointers?

We are trying to mount this on a CASE III CVX 195 and the best we have managed is as below (it is actually at 90 degrees when the wheels are aligned forward.

The problem is that there is play in this system, the arm gets pulled in such a way that the main lever does not travel beyond a certain point.

Worse still, if we give it full left lock, the steering angle reads at 71.5 degrees which is obviously way off. Lock right and we get 16.5 degrees.

Have zeroed it in AOG, same result.

To complicate matters, it has a moving wishbone system which makes mounting options really limited.

Has anyone done a similar install?

Dont use original hands but make them bigger to not have dead spot like now.

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Theres a picture on the was setup pictures thread of a similar axle but cant remember how it was mounted.
Maybe a different sensor might be easier to set up. The linear with the push pull rod clamped to the ram might be easier.

Have a look on here

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