WAS polarity

This WAS is said to be “Infinitely short-circuit proof”
Does this mean polarity is not important, or is it just not working if polarity is wrong?

It’s not working, but you can’t damage it.

I’m using 424A06A120:

1… 0V
2… UB 5V
3… Out 0.5-4.5V

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Yea… Swapped the polarity and was able to measure different voltage when turning the sensor.

But AOG does not react on it.

It did with my other WAS

Any software settings I have forgotten?

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What is the exact model of the sensor? Some models work with 10-30 volts, for example my model is 424A17A120B and I use it with 12 volts, but the output voltage is 0.5v-4.5v

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It’s this one:
Was actually going for a 90 degree, but it was not in stock.

I got it working. Don’t know exactly what it was, but it worked after enabling the simulator.

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I also use tractor. It is a very high quality sensor.

Good to know. It seems decent.
I cross a river a few times during the year, and the sensor will get wet drowned now and then.

I bet there’s a bad wire connection before the sensor gives up.

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