WAS to PCB communication

Which is the best solution for the connection between Honeywell RTY090LVEAX and aog pcb ?

RTY use AMP superseal connector.

WAS connection

In the scheme , the pin 1 is connected to LOW with “earth” connection? This setup is correct ?

Yes. That’s how I’ve wired all my setups.

Depending on the pin out type you have (European or American) see page 5 in specifications. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://sensing.honeywell.com/honeywell-sensing-rty-series-rtp-series-datasheet-32307665-b-en.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiS2MaurpTtAhVIKuwKHWfiClkQFjALegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw3dTqpgmjfDYBly55g67QG7

I have ordered this RTY180LVNAX, because RTY090LVEAX was not in stock.

Kaupoi: This wiring is made with 4 pole cable or 3 pole shielded cable ?

3pin+shield is the one I prefer.

RTY180LVNAX has a different pinout.

yes, it’s north american version. It’s what i found.

AMP superseal are non suitable for sheild cable, so i must connect the RTY ground pin with the sheild and then to LOW pin of pcb ?

There is a technique for make this connection with ip67 rating ?

CNH new Holland does not think shield is necessary, they run WAS signal (analog 5v) in 3 standard wires together with all other wiring. All the way from front to back left corner of cab, and even with several connectors on the line.

Or bridge between GRD and LOW in WAS PBC exit?

is the same result if i connect the sheild inside pcb only ?

Trimble autosense use a 5 pin circular connector, then a cable harness circular connector to deutsch dt. So i think they do not use sheild cables. Or maybe i can not be able to think they communicate in that way.

If a shield is not designed absolutely correctly it can be more noisy then none at all.

I can make a box near honeywell RTY.

In one side, cable gland with 20 cm harness and amp superseal male connector. Inside the box resin epoxy for ip67 rating.

In the other side m8 3 pin connector.

Inside the box, i can make the earth connection between GND RTY pin to sheild.

I can use SAC-3P-M8MR/10.0-542 BK

Then i can make a direct connection with jst xh on pcb

Then if i use m8 3 pin style, it is more simple to manage the sheild connection.

But this is a more complex design.

I chose rty sensor for the amp superseal connection, so i do not have problems with delphi crimping tool.

Easiest way is to just crimp low and gnd shield to same superseal pin and use one of these sleeves.

TE claim: For IP67 rating you need one wire for wire seal.

One shielded or another 3 or 10 wire kable is one wire.
Or put silicone around your 3 wires and it is sealed with or without those special sleeves.
To my superseal connector, some small (green) rubber things that fits tight around every single of the 3 wires are included.

The price is for bags of 10. (10 of 3 pin connectors are about 12 Euro.

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