WAS value not translating to steer angle

Hi, am using Delphi sensor and PCBV2 with ADS1115, trying to get it to work with AOGv4. With CountsPerDegree set to 31 I see values ranging from -4500 to +4500 in the “from Autosteer” line, steering from left to right. However, when using the steer chart, the Actual steerposition will always remain at 0 degrees. I am not sure as what is in the .ino file. (Programv4 did the Nano programming for me, so this is sort of “black box” to me)

Hi Sjaak.

You are using v4 and the right INO for v4 I guess?
Are the lines in the steer chart moving good?
Connected thru usb or Ethernet?

Hi Richard, am using USB. I assume v4 is picking the right .ino. (v4 is the “auto Arduino” version) Have been looking into the .ino from the Arduinocode folder. Found that the Nano should return actual_steering_angle * 100. Readily calculated with countsperdegree and corrected for Ackerman. So the Arduino part seems to be OK, the module is returning values from -4500 to +4500. I am not using an Ackerman correction (Ackerman is 100), have sensor linked to track-rod center.

Next step was looking into the C# code, there I find my self lost in lots of seemingly related steerangle variables, forms at the moment. (my coding skills are limited and rusty, did some Basic stuff in the eighties). Anyone know a good introduction in C# concepts?

Another possibility is of course that I am overlooking some basic step in the settings…DSC_0115

I haven’t checked it on the test bed recently - i can do that monday. But it really should work.

Does it work using version 3 and the old arduino code?

It does work OK using v3.09. Modifying the .ino doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Just tried on the autosteer board and all is working fine.

You are right. AOG v4 does not upload the ino to the Nano ,AOG just blinks “module configuration” but does not actally upload to the connected nano.
If you download the Arduino ino program and open Autosteer_usb and then upload that to the Nano, then you get the actual WAS info on screen in the steer chart.
But still I dont think the Nano know anything about how to output anything to Dir pwm1 or pwm 2

Well no, you need the arduino ide to upload the code initially. All AOG does is send the settings to the EEPROM in the nano

OK, I was not aware of that. So there may have been an old (v3) .ino version on the Nano that was modified by the v4 “module configurator”. Maybe that is an explanation for the strange behaviour. Sorry for the confusion, I’ll start again with a clean setup.

Brian, the issue made have a look the code. This really is an impressive piece of work! Thanks for sharing this. I hope I will be able to contribute in some way in the future.

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AH Thank you. I used the button option with ibt_2, so I forgot to press the button to enable the motordriver, that is needed before anything will be send to motor driver. Must also be done before the “drive” test can pass demands to motordriver, even when in manual mode.

I am really looking forward to use this amazing program when the soil dries up this spring, like the GUI and day/night mode :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Its always good to share problems for 2 reasons:

  1. There may be a problem with the code/program - especially when developing in v4 like is happening now - and i just haven’t run across it so more eyes looking is a great thing.

  2. We all learn from the little misstep along the way.