We need a plan to get AOG into the Lamborghini on Clarksons Farm

I am not sure how to go about this, but I think it would be an awesome showcase if we could get AOG into the ‘Lamborghini’.

The show has been green lit for a second season. If you have not watched it its really hilarious, and does show farming in a very positive light. Especially the skills required to do it, and that it is not easy.

But if you have seen it it is very annoying watching the jolly wanker steer by hand with crooked rows, with 10ft equipment on a 270HP tractor.

Somehow we need to get the local British AOG fanatic out there, or start a fund to send Brian, or one of the closer experts. It would be awesome to show the technological skills of modern farmers, and bring up the issues of right to repair.

Edit; woops its a Lambo not a Ferrari, I have problems remembering European brand diversity.


I agree!! :joy:

You mean the Lambo (Lamborghini). Yes for sure! I don’t know why he didn’t buy it with Autosteer.

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@CQuick, you must be the nearest of us to Clarkson surely?:rofl::+1:

Only 100 miles away!

I would happily donate a box to the cause…
Need to get hold of someone in the production team. Or perhaps slide into Kaleb’s DMs on instagram…


I appear to be 95 miles away according to google but I haven’t even watched it yet! :grimacing:

It’s got to be the first farming related program to be universally liked by the farming community!!


Practically neighbors the both of you.


I think the reason the Lambo doesn’t have auto-steering is to try to make J. Clarkson look clumsy, that’s fiction. But AOG should definitely be in the next season :slight_smile:


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I will happily E-transfer to donate some funds for travel costs / AOG setup costs, if this can be made a possibility.

I can picture Clarkson reading a paper in the cab, after he does not have to steer with gps lol. Also he would make substantially better time “Tractoring”

It seems small town enough in rural England, someone somewhere has to be privy enough talk to the production crew. My fingers are crossed :crossed_fingers:

Id be happy to do anything I could to help, obviously im a fair way away though in Cornwall, on my my best friends however lives 2 miles from his farm shop!

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I think by Canadian standards all three of us live practically next door!:rofl:


Yes, you certainly do. Drove 10 hours couple days ago to look at a car…


If we drove 10 hours in the UK we’d fall off the edge!:rofl:


I would help if I could. I’m no expert but I’m only 1hr away. I must be a bit like Kaleb an hour away from home in the car is a fairly major excursion for me!

I took a try at the instagram route, but i think this is just one of those request by numbers issues until we get someones ear. Its a bit too far for me to travel, I am near Brian’s lol.

AOG really fits a common thread portrayed in the show of regulations vs farmers actual abilities vs trying to get the job done.

Make sure if anyone makes contact everyone else knows.

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I’m gonna give it a few weeks until the media frenzy dies down and he might actually be able to read what gets sent.

@darrenjlobb Don’t suppose your friend knows Kaleb, or anyone else involved?

I wonder how they deal with tourists coming to see his farm.
Discussion about the farm location

Google map with fields labelled from the above Reddit thread

Another map from the Reddit thread

to convince him you can tell him that he no longer has to do the three point turn to respect the count of the tram lines :joy:

I am still befuddled how another person can just own the gate to a property and nothing else. British land division is very confusing.

Why do they keep the fields so small? Is there a regulation on maximum field size?

To my knowledge, there is no maximum size limit . If it is in England like in some places in France, the owner just don’t want to trade their historical plots, they are always better than the neighbor’s, the grandfather put manure in this place …
there is always stupid reasons not to group the fields …
Some places have plots on average of 10-20ha, and other places it is only 1ha !!!
I’m really happy to be around 20ha on average.

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