We Need Standardized Message Format for Sending AOG Inter Workgroup Messages

Hello from Vegreville, AB

I am excited to start using AgOpenGPS, I see it is as feature rich as imagination will allow.
I recently put RTK on my lawnmower converting an old Trimble 150 to use Emlid M2 as receiver.
Now after seeing the performance of RTK want it on everything. I also have some issues with the Unlock costs associated just RTK with modern Ag GPS systems. AgOpenGPS is quite appealing.

But I am quite aware of some of the reluctance to adoption that some other farmers may have going open source.

So the best thing to do is make it just plain better than the current options. Here is an idea i have for AOG.

AOG Standard Group Messages.

NMEA Covers GPS measurements

RTCM Covers GPS Correction Data

There should be a standardized Message Structure for sending Machine Telemetry Data between Machines in an AgOpen work group.

In Harvest for example when running multiple machines in the same field they should be able to share basic data between combines AOG displays. Over a Lora or cell connection you could have Hopper Data, Map Data, and more updated on each screen. I think NMEA would be a good layout to follow, one would only have to make changes to existing programming for selection and parsing NMEA.

You could have for example messages like

$ACBH,Group,MachineID,OperatorName,hopperlevel,fuellevel,UsedHeaderWidth,speed (AOG Combine)
$ATRC,Group,MachineID,OperatorName,Tractor related messages
$AGCT,Group,MachineID,OperatorName,Grain Cart related messages
$ASDR,Group,MachineID,OperatorName,Seeder related Messages
$ATRK,Group,MachineID,OperatorName,Truck related Messages
$AMAP,Group,MachineID,Mapfile#,CoverageData,MachinePosition,MachineDirection (AOG Map Coverage)

Much like modbus you would designate one display as master and it would call the machine ID’s selected in its workgroup. Then the machines would broadcast on Lora or Cellular once requested giving updates to all other machines on the field or the grain truck on the road.

Much data I think could be shared this way much faster. It would take some time to hash out all the message fields needed. But seeing as most of the code to do it exists, it would save tons of programming time.

Then all the fun of using and displaying the data once it is available. This is my idea for a project for AOG.

Sick of combining with a half updated coverage map, or tying to sync two swathers with different sized headers.

For syncing field coverage and guidance line data my thoughts were to use something like Dropbox (or if you host your own server Seafile) to sync the AoG data between machines. I don’t know if AoG can support multiple files for the coverage data but I think a 1 min sync update rate should be enough for those items. For hopper/cart full percentage you’d want something closer to real time.

I think there is real struggle though between adding features and stability & usability.

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Only issue i have with Dropbox is that now it truly requires a broadband connection, plus a membership to Dropbox.

I think most data could be shared in a much smaller local packet that does not have to leave the field unless it wants too. I think i am going to try this its not like I am going to break my AOG by trying, I can always reload the stable version. :laughing:

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@PotatoFarmer have you been able to pick at any of this related to multiple machine telemetry?

Have not had much AOG fun this year, the cold weather and Putin have everyone remembering what natural gas is for. Been busy restarting old systems.

Updated the 3D printed gear manual thats about it.