Weird offset with Panda

I made my Panda a while ago and I am now having some weird problem with driving lines with it. It seems like I sometimes have an offset to the line, sometimes tractor can go 20cm different line than before. My antenna is in the center of the tractor and I don’t have any offset on the implement side.

I am using RTK correction.

I recall that someone had similar problem but I can’t seem to find that thread.

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Ive also experienced a shift mostly on sloped land with pre panda boundaries. Not sure how to explain it other than a difference in how roll is calculated.

Was leaving strips too, but found out I was driving much straighter and my implement was shifted an inch to one side on the 3pt.

Have you moved your base recently?

I have also had this issue on almost flat field. And this problem can happen while working, like the line is in place when driving to other direction and when coming back, tractor is 20cm off the line in real life. In Agopen it shows that machine should be on line.

I haven’t moved my base, it is in the same position as always.

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Try re entering your overlap information.

If it happens again press the speed box to open the inputs menu and take a picture.