What am I doing wrong BNO085?

That way it should work too, and the bno data should flow through the serial monitor. :frowning:

I have just taken it


I’m not sure PCB will return any data untill there is a steer sensor or at least you have send a configuration at least once(the little gear in AOG)

I connected BNO directly to Arduino. Same result as when connected over kaupoi.

There isn’t another BNO, is there? I just did a test for you and took an image, could it be corrupted?

I just sent him the BNO test code so that he could see the values ​​on the BNO serial screen.

Found the catch.

It works now.

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wow very good.what was wrong

I suppose this library shows that BNO is functioning. Still need to figure out why it won’t work in agopengps. Any idea?

Reset the sensor in settings in AOG.

Initialize BNO080 lib
Needed to change line
bno08x.begin(0x4B) to (0x4A)

Actually, the library I sent should be the same as AOG’s library.

I wrote in Turkish sorry :frowning:

Stupid question, but how do I reset sensor in agopengps?

I tried this but no luck.

Should this value -2.8 change while i move the BNO?

yes is must changed