What am I doing wrong?

I just try to figure out how program is working in simulation mode.
Was watching Biran demo of version 4.6, when he open field, tractor automaticly jump to location of the field, but when I open field this is what I get, any idea why tractor is not within the field ?

Looks like you need to zoom in. Did you try that??

I can zoom in, but then I dont see the field.
From what I saw on youtube video when you load field KML file, tractor should be automaticly teleported to field location. When I load KML field file, tractor stays on other location, and I need to drive to the field every time I load a filed, or need to input new gps location in enter sim cordinates.

You need to input the GPS coordinates of the field you are simulating. If you are using live GPS, then it will place you at your current physical location which is outside the simulated field.

This is why you cannot see the boundary.

That is where you were when you made the field - those are the start coordinates and is where the sim gets set to.

Its important your coordinates are close to where you actual field is so accuracy is better - and you don’t have to drive a long way to get there with the sim

Thanks Brian

now I get it

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Is it possible to make a new Fiels in Sim Mode and use it after “saving” in “Real World” for example the drive in Feature.

Just make sure your sim coordinates are close to the real field coordinates.