What antenna?

Ive downloaded the agopen on my laptop now and I just want a lightbar system at the moment for fertilising and spraying, just wondering if can i buy an antenna to put on the roof and plug it in my laptop or do i need something else? And what antenna does everyone recommend, thanks!

You will need an antenna and receiver. Check out Ardusimple, they have some great starter kits, go with the budget board.

You will also need to connect to a base station, either a public one, or to your own. If your setting up your own, ardusimple has a kit for that as well.

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For just a lightbar application, even a cheap USB WAAS gps receiver would work. Google search for “usb waas 5 hz gps.” For example:

And there are lower-cost units out there. The requirements are GGA nmea sentences at at least 5 hz, or 5 updates per second.

The nice thing about the Ardusimple receivers is that if you want to do RTK in the future, then you already have a receiver capable of that.

If you ever think you will go for autosteer in the future, just get the f9p. Buying twice hurts the most.

learned that with the first tablet.


x2 maximize your orders

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AOG as RTK light bar. I find having field border repeatability equality advantages as autosteer. And you can upgrade to autosteer from there.

If you want to go further with AOG then a lightbar F9P kit is best option 2x for RTK if you dont have base in range on rtk2go.

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I would go auto steer but it just looks to complicated on the videos and all the parts so just thought a lightbar system for now would be grand!

I was in the exact same boat as you 2 weeks ago.

PCBs seemed daunting as all heck!

Took a few days of a few late nights of reading till things started to slowly fall into place.

Its not as daunting as it initially seems.

I am more worried about the software side, but theres lots of resources for that too


How do I check if there is a base in range on rtk2go?


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Thanks, nearest one i can found is 60km away, would that be too far?

I’m using one 80km away and works fine

Rule of thumb I have found is 3cm plus 1mm for every km away from the base.

Where are you from?

You must of been running Starfire :grin:

F9P is 7mm+1mm/km

So 80 km would be 87mm of uncertainty, or +/-3.2", still better than WAAS! But usually it performs much better.

This guy was taking a static reading under perfect conditions and post processing, but it shows what f9p can do!

North wales!

Will i have to order 2 f9p one for base station and one for the tractor?
Just for a light bar system?

No, but if you want to make autosteer system in future it will be good to have rtk capable hardware. And your lightbar will be 2.5 cm± if you go with rtk 2xF9P.

Would 2 of these do ? https://www.ardusimple.com/product/simplertk2b-pro/
And 2 of these antennas https://www.mouser.co.uk/ProductDetail/u-blox/ANN-MB1-00?qs=CiayqK2gdcJPcGOJA8mMZQ%3D%3D&mgh=1&vip=1&gclid=CjwKCAiAmJGgBhAZEiwA1JZolt_-4IKZgNuhNC4b8vaFT11aZuTbe8wjFEv74CDEGdDCic-CPCu6zBoCAhQQAvD_BwE

This kit is good enough for AOG. You dont need pro version.

Would you take the headers soldered option?