What CAD sytem do you use?


Excuse for the perhaps out of toppic question but what CAD system do you use to
build schematics and PCB ? And what do you advise to use for simple PCBs ?

In my case, at work, we have altium but to much complicated, I don’t use it a lot.

At home, I use DesignSpark PCB which is completely free (available on the RS web site)
makes comprehensive schematics, easy to add custom parts in libraries and is enough for me

Fusion360, they have just integrated Eagle into fusion for pcb work.

I use Eagle version 7, its registered so no restrictions on board size, layers that sort of thing. I use the new versions to create to Gerbers though.

I use kicad (free, opensource) for pcbs (like this -picture is a rendering from kicad 3d viewer).

For cases and other stuff I print, I use openscad.
At a first a bit strange to “program” 3D parts, but once you get used to it, quite powerful (and many libraries exists for many use cases that help further).


Also KiCAD (on Linux but I assume the windows version is fine). Used with JLCPCB for a simple board (league below doppelgrau’s!)

WOW!! …and fine on linux. :sunglasses:

i use eagle, older version but works fine … i don’t like after autocad bought it, but it’s what i use …