What happened to automated paths

Not sure if I am missing something but on a number of Brians videos for agrabot there was automated paths, and similar items but I do not seem to see them anywhere anymore, is this not available, In one of the videos it states there was no more agrabot, but was all integrated into AOG, did this get removed?

The little robot dude in the upper left corner.

I see that but I must be missing something I only see the pause resume, record, delete go stop option but in one or two of your videos It showed the paths being generated for the entire field instead of having to drive them manually on the screen, what am I missing?

Ya, that stuff isn’t there any more. Was very limited as there was no collision detection

is the code still on github somewhere, or did you remove it completely, quite interested in playing with it?

I don;t think so, it only worked with the much older version of AOG, now it has all the collision and path finding stuff, its a whole new world, sorry. It was cool, but not practical. V ersion 4 has used all my time - i would like to add some of those things back in.