What is Possible

Hi, new here.

Got potentially 3 projects but not sure if all are possible. The main one which I am having major issues with is to control 4 hyraulic motors driving metering units to spread granules, slug pellets and small seeds across a 36m sprayer boom. Ive had one quote for £12,000 using a raven rate control which i am not doing due to the cost. I have tried trimble, topcon, ag leader and no one seems to be able to control 4 motors across a boom with section control.

Is this possible with ag-open.

Second thing I want to do which i dont know if its possible is to add autosteer with electric steering to one sprayer. It currenly runs a ag leader incommand 800 and ideally id like to just use that screen to do the autosteer, but i dont know if thats possible or i would have to have a stand alone display running ag open.

3rd thing i want to do is possibly the simplest which is to fully use ag open gps to add section control and auto steer to my back up sprayer. This i know is possible so is probably the best place for me to start.

Another question is that a lot of the things ive been reading is all to do with rtk correction signals, Im contracting over a large area. Probably 60km from my house at furthest distance. Would this work. dont need massive accuracy but also want better than 30cm

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It is possible but it is not widely supported. Everyone here has made auto steer, few have made rate control. It is very do-able, but there is no how-to and there are less people to hold your hand along the way. Definitely some people here have done very similar things and it can be done.

AgOpenGPS runs in windows. You’ll need a windows tablet/laptop to run AgOpenGPS.

Yup, you can do that.

RTK works best within 20 km of a base station. Are there NTRIP bases available for you to connect to? Is there a central location where you could put one base? Could you put up two permanent bases, or one permanent base and one portable base? Lots of options, but 60km from a base isn’t going to work well or at all.

Building an autosteer system with a supported PCB board is the easiest place to start.

There is possibly 2 NTRIP base that i can see on RTK2Go. Would i need to maually change bases or would it automatically chose the best one?

You would have to manually change bases. It will take half a dozen mouse clicks to change bases. If you have GPS signal then AOG can show you the rtk2go list from closest to furthest, but you will have to manually select which one you want to use.

The risk of other people’s rtk2go bases is that you don’t know when it will be up. Would really recommend having your own base for at least your core home area.

If you have good cellular coverage in your area, setup 2 or 3 of your own stations that can get onto the Internet in some manner(Cellular, Broadband ISP). Rovers can connect via Cellular then back to base stations. Like stated under 20km of distance between the 2 is optimal but I think you’d be able to get a fix even at 60km just not as accurate. One base station at your home or shop out onto a cellular network could do your whole territory if your not overly concerned about sub/cm accuracy year to year.

Some governments have rtk services. Check if that is available in your area.

Il have a look at what i can find.

Just ordered some bits to try out section control. Dip my toe in while i see about getting a pcb made.

What you might want to use is a VRS (virtual reference station) network. We in Bavaria can use it free of charge.