What is reccomended latest version of AIO STD board

On GitHub the latest I can find is the 4.1 STD. I saw in an other thread that this has issues and there was posted 4.2 and 4.3. Is the version 4.3 from this thread the recommended version to order? I have the simpleRTK2B receiver (not micro)

This would be the most up to date file despite his name.
I think Github doesn’t allow to easily change the folder names.

The v4.3 doesn’t really exist, it have just a realy small correction over v4.2 (there was silk over the 2 pads for 12v/motor line interconnection)
It’s still labelled v4.2, you should be able to see it when building it on jlcpcb

Yeah, this is all a bit confusing.

Github Version v4.2

Thank you both for the clarification