What is tramlines?What's the use? Why does it default to 24 meters?

Hello,guys,What is tramlines?What’s the use? Why does it default to 24 meters?

Tramlines are tracks in a crop where you drive to spray or apply fertiliser to the crop, you keep the same tracks so you do not damage the crop.

24 metre sprayers and spreaders are a kind of industry standard size, although it is progressing towards 36 metres now, at least in the UK.

We had to pick something to default to and 24 is divisible by lots of combinations so it is quite popular. Like 8 passes of a 3m drill, 6 passes of a 4m drill, 2 of a 12 etc

big thx.

big thx.i see.

Just seen this,i can set the widths of tramlines in agopen
But can you get it to show on the screen which run should be a tramline run?it doesnt seem to do anything for me(probably me being thick)