What specs do we need for the motor to drive the steering wheel

What specifications should the steer motor have? I was going to purchase the phidgets motor that Andrea’s suggested, but the postage to Australia is more than the motor.
Does anyone know of an alternative supplier with reasonable postage or a substitute motor?
Thanks Andrew

Off the cuff spec would be a DC motor that has a rated speed of about 600 RPM and rated torque of 5.1 Kg·cm.
The current draw shouldn’t exceed 10 or 12 amps shorted, or you will need a bigger motor control then the cytron MD13s.

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Yep I had the same when I brought my motor, postage to South Aust was same as motor.
About $70USD for each back then.

I wouldn’t mind a second motor myself if you were interested in combined postage
Had a look and the postage for 2 isn’t much more than 1
$112CAD vs $141CAD

That might be the go, I should probably get a 2nd one as well. Good to see a fellow South Aussie on here, where abouts are you?

I’m at Truro, about 20km out of Nuriootpa. How about yourself?
I did see one or two other South Aussie’s on the old combine forum as well

Crystal Brook, only an hour or so north of you.