What would i need to make a gps system with a 20cm accuracy?

What do i need to make a system with a 20cm accuracy? Would it cost alot or what kind of antenna would i need? And if there is an cheaper F9P alternative or would i even need it? Can i get something cheap from aliexpress? I want to make a simple lightbar system.

If all you want is a lightbar, I’d get an F9P from Ardusimple, ANN-MB antenna, connect to a local RTK source and attach it over USB to your tablet. Should work a treat.

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like @andyinv said a simple light bar setup is easy. Just an antenna, fp9 and laptop/tablet.

Have a neighbor who has this exact setup and it works great for what it is. It’s cheap, no board to build. Nearly as plug and play as you can get.

The satellite drift will be a problem, but if your aware of it, you can adjust on the fly and it will work for you to keep you straight. pass to pass it will be fine. Just don’t expect to finish up at dinner time and have your line remain constant by breakfast the next day.

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You’ll have to install the firmware and a configuration file from Ardusimple to your F9P. If you have a local RTK source available, you can get very accurate results, and avoid the drift as @Keegan4123 mentioned.

I just finished setting up and using this very same setup using a windows tablet, and the simpleRTK2B ZED-F9P board. Using AgOpenGPS software on the windows tablet with this setup, besides the lightbar, you get coverage mapping, acreage measurement, speedometer, straight or curved AB lines. It can show on the screen coverage mapping for each of your sections, so for spraying you can determine when to turn off sections based on the screen. It’s pretty cool what the software can do with this simple setup.