Wheel angle sensor detected on agio but not agopengps

Dear colleagues, my wheel angle sensor readings work fine in agio but not in agopengps (specifically in the steer wizard.)

I’m using the latest pcb, dual f9ps, phidgets motor, princess auto WAS.

I’ve got everything set up and working (everything detected on udp, gps works) I just need to get the WAS detected properly so I can do the autosteer setup.

In Brian’s video on basic steer settings, he mentions that if the green bar doesn’t move side to side (it doesn’t) that something is wrong with the WAS.

Any ideas?

Which AOG version?


AgIO is showing raw data(?) but AoG shows calibrated angle so you need to send counts per degree to the steer module or run the steer wizard

Update :slight_smile:
The WAS signal wire had been damaged. It’s working now. Please delete topic as it doesn’t contribute anything to the cause. Thanks