Wheel angle sensor John Deere 4760

Hi guys. Im trying to get my winter project installed so i can get seeding. John Deere 4760 fwa. Using honeywell rty90. Not sure how to mount the wheel angle sensor all try’s failed so far. I was wondering if anyone has pictures of how they did it? Thanks

John Deere 4555 using delphi sensor

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Thanks I appreciate it. My front wheel assist is a struggle wheel turns and tilts. Was trying to use steering linkage but that doesn’t work.

This what I come up with to get me going

sorry for the delay but i put a RTY060 on my JD 6600 like this i realise this 2 pieces with PLA

Just because it might help someone else, here is my install of a RQH100030 on a JD6330.

The black bracket is printed in TPU with a galv bolt running thru it holding the end of the WAS arm.
The WAS itself is held by a petg printed bracket zip-tied on (for now).

This is not a good solution! Note that the piston core is free to rotate and the sensor cable attachment point will change over time.

While you are technically correct, I’ve had a WAS mounted similarly to that for a good while now, and as far as I can tell it has never rotated at all. And most of them can only rotate a few degrees anyways because that’s all the the ball joint will allow. Just my $.02

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