Wheel angle sensor zero

So i am trying to get my wheel angle sensor to read correctly but it seems to be jumping arround when i turn the steering wheel from one side to the other. It will read 60° down to 37° but it will kind of jump arround as it does down. When its arround the middle of the sensor range it will go up 5-8° and come right back to normal even tho the wheela are turning bice and smooth. I added ads1115 because wouldn’t read voltage with out it. I also switched it with another one that i had.

I forgot to add its a land rover suspension sensor and i have adjusted the sensor

Take of the module for steering its already mounted on the board.

What do you mean module for steering?

Ads1115 module

And show picture of how.you mounted the sensor?

Yes you have SMD soldered on board you don’t need one more… is 5v on ampseal output constant?

@Raycorp @Uprishaa if i dont have the ads1115 connected I dont get a voltage reading in the steer wizard. Does that mean i am missing something on the pcb?

Also i tried a different sensor on the tractor and it does the same thing. I had also checked voltage to and from the sensor when i made the harness/hooked the sensor up before all this and it had a steady reading.

Someone mention before that they had ads1115 soldered badly, does it wiggle if you touch it can you see its pads all connected to the board? If so, you can try to jump 5v to the was high pin and your wheels should be either full left or full right but it must not “jump around” as you said(steady wheels in AOG).

You can also do it with 3.3v and wheels should also be slightly turned in one side. All these voltages are on board

As already said, you have the yellow one, shouldn’t need the blue one.