Which firmware to choose

Hello all. I would like to update my panda teensy and steering nano to the corresponding firmware of the latest version 5.7.2

I use wired panda system with teensy wired to simplertk2b and adafruit BNO.
I use a nano with the “old” pcb V2 for steering. Both nano and teensy connected by USB.

I donwloaded the latest aog version available but wich version of teensy (panda) code to pick, v2.5 or v4.1 because I dont use newest all in one PCB

And is autosteer_usb_v5 the right one to use (because previous was called v5.7.1)

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I too would like to know the answer to this question.

Following this one as well.

For Panda with a Teensy:
AIO firmware should work as long as the GPS and IMU are on the right pins

v2.5 and v4.1 are identical exept for the danfoss Signal output, both will work, if you have to download one try v4.1

For old nano v2 pcb:
This should be the right one. :+1:

Github hardware repos
The AOG use the same communication since a while.