Which PCB to start with?

Hello all together!

i am seriously impressed but also overwhelmed with all the work you have done here. I have been searching for the basic setup now for a while but can’t find out the differences to choose on PCB.

  1. Is there a CPL file for the “original” Auto Steer PCB v2?

  2. Is there any recommendation which PCB to start with?

  3. On the GoRoNb PCB is basically everything directly on the board, it’s just the ZED_F9P that is external and needs to be connected to the board ? Right?

  4. Is there anywhere a Step-by-step guide that is helping through the whole process?

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I’ve just built a couple of working PCB V2 boards and will try to answer your questions.

  1. Not that I could find.

I uploaded the Gerber files to digikey and ordered 10 PCBs. Uploaded the BOM which contained most of the required parts aside from the Arduino nanos (get 5) and a couple of minor components, which I can check for you tomorrow if required.

  1. I went with v2 as it’s the most well documented.

  2. I just have a single ardusimple USB connected to my laptop for now with NTRIP connections. Will add a base station later.

  3. Quite a few, but to condense…

i) Order the PCBs, BOM and any missing components.

ii) Use the Components List as a guide to tell you what to solder where. It truly is idiot proof just so long as you get the diodes and directional components in the right way round. These are all marked clearly and I got this right the first try with no real experience soldering.

Wilbert Talen has done a really clear and succinct video here:

iii) Get the right motor to drive your steering wheel and make some mounts.

iv) Get a wheel angle sensor.

v) Attach an accurate positioning system.

That’s your hardware done.

Build the PCB, attach a battery and motor, USB connect to laptop.

vi) Download, install and use the AgOpenGPS software.

vii) Attach your 12v power to PCB, connect the Uno via USB and the positioning system by USB.

viii) Connect them in AOG.

ix) Create a polygon / geofence in google earth, save as KML.

x) Import this KML into AOG.

xi) Create AB lines, configure vehicle, etc.

Ask when you get stuck.

Good luck!!


Hey Bluerabbit,

thank you really much for this list.
You helped me a lot with this!
I’ll keep you updated

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Ardusimple have released there SimpleRTK2B development board - see Ardusimple’s latest newsletter No27. Could be added to the list for agopenGPS.

Link for SimpleRTK2b-SBC.

Product includes up to 3 F9P modules and includes interface to CAN.

This board is much much too expensive.
Take a SimpleRTK2B with an ANN-MB-00 antenna, costs you a bit more than 200€.

Or visit www.autosteer.cc

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Yeah, why does the 3rd F9P cost 760 more!?!