Which version software

Time for my dumb question of the week. I chose to build the version 2 pcb because this is the first thing like this I had ever tried. I have board working motor turns in simulator , WAS works BN0085 imu shows tilt, and section relays work. Everything is connected with usb.
My question is which software version is the best for my system , not sure if I should go with the latest or use a older version that was current when the board i used was first released.
If it matters going to get ntrip from state cors network.

When I started approx 12months ago with my bird nest wiring single gps UDP and Cmps14 I tried a few versions and
found that v 5.6.15 was the best at the time I have tried to upgrade to v5.7 but it didn’t work so I went back to 5.6.15 I also am using cors for rtk

I use v2 pcb and panda and it works with 5.7.0

Set a friend’s pcbv2 and panda up on 5.7.2 the other week, worked fine

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