WIFI Communication between Tablet and hardware

I am wondering how to connect the GPS (simplertk2b) as well as the autosteer PCB.
I have seen in a few videos that the guys are using small routers, but I haven’t found how that is all connected?
-Does some one have a wiring diagram that shows this?
-could a DT-06 Wireless WiFi Serial Transparent Module work?

I am probably over thinking this but I would like to use my Surface in the cab and I’d rather not have to plug any USB, I suppose I could use a USB hub? but I would rather not plug anything into the Surface, I can see that getting broken.

I use a usb hub to connect everything, autosteer board, F9P, phone charging. Otherwise many use ethernet, but on this type of connection I can’t help you since I never took it into consideration (my tablet doesn’t have an ethernet port ). wifi is not recommended for gps and autosteer, the transmission is not constant and could have some lag.

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