Wifi Ntrip Master base configuration

Ok, I’m trying to set my standard f9p with wifi ntrip master as a base. So far I have updated firmware on both. I have entered my Mt point, host and port rtk2go and 2101, email and password on the ntrip master under server. I configured the f9p with base configuration file fw 1.13 from the ardusimple site. What am I missing to see my base on rtk2go? I have also registered my mount point with rtk2go.

Ok I finally got my mount point “RHDODDS” listed on rtk2go but have no navs listed, only 1type 4072 and no position on the map. What am I missing?

Did you set up ports and msg in ucenter? It’s been so long since I’ve done that I don’t remember what the settings should be.

I did setup the bottom picture you just showed but not the first picture. Gonna check that page out when I get home. Caner just showed me that same page. Will let you know what I figure out. Thanks

Ok I’m one step closer ! Still not showing on the map. Also not showing 1005 even though I set it up the same as the others

do you have antenna with clear view of sky? What about TMode3 survey-in settings in ucenter?

I just have my antenna beside the window, no

t outside.
It was disabled. Just checked survey in

For a start I’d suggest trying 120 s for observation time and 2 M accuracy. Once it meets those conditions it should start working. You will have to have a clear view of sky before it will work properly.

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