Will my v3 (May 2019) ino work with v4

I have not updated my ardunio code and setup from last year when I ran v3 software for my autosteer on the planter. Don’t want to update this, as I know the setup I used for planting last year worked, and can always fall back to the v3 interface if needed.

Is the Autosteer communication in/out the same in v4 so that it will work with the May 2019 arduino code? I’d like to try the v4 user interface and guidance options, without having to reflash my ino as I made a couple of custom tweeks to it for the steering.

I don’t believe it will work. The two have a lot of changes. One of them being you can configure many things in the GUI and AoG pushes your settings to the Arduino. I don’t know exactly what will happen, you could try it but AoG might baulk when the Arduino doesn’t behave the way it expects.

I’d stick with v3 and get the planting done if time is short. Version 4 is almost release, but most are just trying out the Beta version.

When you are ready to do the v4 upgrade and it is an actual release - then yes you should, actually have to, update the ino as well.