Will Surface Pro X SQ1 processor run AOG?

I am looking at getting one of these to run AOG, will it run on an arm based processor alright or should I get an older model with an Intel chip?

I have a surface X and it seems to run AOG just fine. Only trouble I have found is installing the correct Ethernet driver that allows usb style hubs to work with it.

I have Surface pro windows 8.1 and runs fine, this model is first pro version

You did get the usb hub working though?

do you also have charge problems? My surfaces won’t charge most of the time. Only when screen is off or tablet competely shut down… I saw many people dealing with this problem

I didn’t find a solution yet, I have implemented wireless and my tablet has LTE connection so no need for the hub for me. Also I have a surface 7 pro as well and it reads a lot better frame rate (~2-3) as opposed to the surface X at (~40-45) and hub solutions work just fine on it so I would recommend the intel based tablets if I where to buy again.

Magnetic connector it’s a crap, but alcohol 90% solve all problems for me, with a stick from the ears :sweat_smile: :innocent:

Ok, I want to utilize UDP so I will go with an older model. Thanks for the help!