Windows 11

Hello Agopengps forum,

I have made a gps system worling on a windows laptop.
Now i am.looking at buying an tablet and i saw an microsoft suface go 3 at an local store for sale. But it runs on windows 11
Will windows 11 work good with agopengps and the rest of the tablet also.

Greetings from the Netherlands.

AOG should run on it, but you will have to convert it from “Windows 11 S” to normal Windows 11. The procedure is described here: Switching out of S mode in Windows

Windows 11 S is a locked down version of Windows that only runs software from the Microsoft app store. The conversion to normal Windows 11 does not take very long and in my opinion you lose nothing, despite all dire warnings Microsoft gives you about doing it.

As for whether this is a good choice for running AOG, I’ll leave it to others with more experience to comment on that.


I run AOG with WIN11 on the bench testing laptop, so far have not noticed anything odd.

Even on win 10 you get warnings about running AOG from browser saying its danger to download and install, win defende/antivirus stoppping install blocking AgIO in firewall etc.

It whould be nice to be able to install like normal program without those warnings.

But microsoft wants to go smartphone way of 30% cut from store purchase and making it harder to install programs outside of store (like warnings on android when you want to install sometings from internet).

I didn’t run into any issues so far running AOG on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 I5 8GB with Windows 11 on it.

The reason Windows Defender complains about AOG is due to not being signed with a trusted certificate.