Windows 20H2 Update

I let the computer in the tractor update to the Windows 20H2 Feature Update, and when i next went to drive around a field for a boundary - all the distances were amplified by a large factor (a 11 hectare field measured 512 hectares when i had finished the boundary). This may have just been a strange bug affecting that tractor’s particular collection of software+settings. Once i rolled back the update everything was working correctly again.

So, not a bug with AgOpenGPS, but i thought i’d mention should anyone else run into the same issue in the future.

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Maybe I had similar problem in the autumn, also using 20H2. After making boundary around a field V4.3.10 ( but only driving on 3 sides and then auto-finish boundary side 4) then field would be way too big and uturn did not work at the auto-finished end, as it was several kilometers away.
But after doing another boundary driving along all sides of field and finish after passing the last corner, then field size were right and uturn worked at both ends, and at the right distance from actual end of field.
This happened on field some km away from home, so could be a position issue as I did not change latitude and longitude to fit that specific field (I left lat ond long at home position)