Windows Alarm when comming to headland

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As AgopenGps is working well, I sometime loose my attention to driving and am surprised comming to headland (luckily I was never sleeping yet :slight_smile:)

It would be nice if we could have an alarm ringing thru the tablet when headland is starting.

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Or… you could just set one of your uturn relays to power a buzzer.


I think he means a beep coming from your tablet. It should be fine if you can beep for an adjusted value in meters before hitting the headland and a beep if your on the headland (with your implement)

I was thinking about a buzzer, but as the tablet already equipped is, i thought it would be easier. And i guess it is a function that is usefull for all users.
If it is not possible i will put à buzzer.


What kind of distance away should it alarm?

It would be good to hear a beep at a certain distance of beep per second and accelerate as it approaches the line, as is the case with car parking sensors.

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20 m is a good distance, it is the distance used at TRIMBLE and JOHN DEERE

I think we can default to 20m, but it should be adjustable value in settings as well. In U-Turn settings maybe?

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Ya, but that would wake me up…


Add a “virtual relay” that plays the chime?
So everyone can customize it (and also use it for notification when the implement has to be lowered again).

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In the DevelopmentOct branch is latest code to compile with uturn alarm.

@BrianTee I was also working on this.

Is there a standard way of tracking current feature development?

It almost seems that only 1 person at a time can develop AOG. winforms is absolutely terrible and is generally known to screw up if there are more then 1 incremental builds if any 2 are related. You know this stuff a lot better then me. Right now i’m working on a huge code change with guidance lines, IT is doubtful anyone can add anything until that is done. Doesn’t seem very efficient, but previously it has been a lot of problems.

Maybe you can open a pull request and label it as Work In Progress? I can take a look and see if we can tweak something as far as git is concerned to make merges easier.

I understand it’s less effort to make one larger pull request but if pull requests were segregated in scope it would be easier to merge together. Maybe the first thing a contributor does is open up a pull request for the feature that way we know what is actively being developed?

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Boundary Alarms are already in AgOpenGPS. The development one, now the master as well.

New release as well as source on Master.

Is there a button to turn it off? If not, simple enough to change the file name if not needed. Or record a blank file.

I had a pull request that had alarms under uturn settings. You could turn the alarm on/off as well as set the alarm start distance to boundary. Would that be a viable solution?