Wiring diagram?

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the latest version of the Arduino code?

Sorry I should have made myself clear
I meant a wiring diagram for a non-PCB system

The reason I’m asking is don’t know which pin to plug the ADS1115 into

The wiring diagram is not changed from the previous version. ADS is stil connected to A5 for SCL and A4 for SDA

ok thanks :smiley:

If using the below diagram to utilize the ACS712 “Sensor Current” to disconnect motor do I not also have to modify the Cytron to allow free wheel? Use jumper wire and connect NC on Cytron to PWM2?

You can use it without modifying the Cytron, but steerwheel will have resistance due to the Cytron, you need cut off power to prevent back feed. Better solution is this mod.

Thanks for the reply. So with the modification to the Cytron and using the current sensor do I need to also connect NC on Cytron to PWM2 on board as shown in picture below? There are four wires coming off Cytron in the picture below but only 3 on the first picture I sent. Was confused if I wanted both the Cytron modification to prevent resistance and the current senor to shut off the motor do I need the 4 wires coming off of the Cyrton? The wiring diagram you put together, which is a great visual, does not show the fourth wire with the current senor diagram.

If you use cytron mod you need conncet NC to PWM2. ACS712 cut power form exit cytron and control is connected to A0, 5V and GND.

Thanks, was not sure if using the “Sensor Current” which cuts power to the motor meant that the modification to the Cytron was not needed, but still allowed for free wheel of motor. Looks like we need both.

Yes, for free wheel you need both. I am using this system and works fine.

I am using this small modification in ino. Works better, and we are testing to add it in new versions.