Wiring Feather Switch for Two-Section Planter Control on AgOpenGPS

I’m seeking guidance for integrating a feather switch with my planter’s control system using the AgOpenGPS platform. My planter has two sections, and I need the system to detect when the planter is raised (out of the ground) or lowered (in the ground).

  1. Feather Switch Integration:
  • I have installed a feather switch on my planter to detect its position.
  • I’m uncertain about the correct wiring process, specifically which Pin on the Ampseal connector should the feather switch be wired to for accurate detection?
  1. Board Configuration for Two-Section Control:
  • I’m currently using the 4.1 board, which I understand has one section labeled.
  • Is it possible to configure this board for controlling two sections?
  • If so, how can I set this up without needing a separate Arduino for two-section control?

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!

The AiO does not have section outputs, it only has steer, work and remote (disengage) inputs. You would use the work input for the planter up/down, wouldn’t need a microcontroller for that either, just connect one terminal of a normal open switch to the work input and the other terminal to ground. Install the switch so that it connects at the point you want AoG to start painting on screen.

To use the AiO for section control you’d have to modify the firmware and the PCB.

Thank you. Exactly the information I needed!