Wiring harness help

So this is my plan so far, please correct me if this won’t work. Does anyone have any tips, or even better, pictures of their own wiring harnesses? Also would you recommend a steer button? Thanks!

I understand you are using a 12 volt steering motor without the freewheeling relay. is that correct? If so you wont need to use the lock pin(7) for anything. Just pins 5 and 6 going to the two motor wires.

As far as putting 12 volts (instead of 24v) into pin 18( cytron in) I had not heard of that being done. I think people who use 12 volt motors normally just solder a wire on the place that is marked (on my board anyway) “solder wire to use 1 power source” and then dont need anything wired to pin 18. I dont see off the top of my head why the way you have it wouldnt work though.

As far as a steer button do you mean should you include one at all or a button as opposed to a switch? As far as having one at all it is easy to do and seems a lot easer to engage than using the button on the tablet screen.

I am by no means an expert but doing the wiring harness was much easier than i thought it would be. Just go slow and double check everything before you hook it up. All those pins makes it look daunting but you arent using very many of them. I used the prewired plug and used tape to mark what wire was which first.

It all looks good.
Personally I power the main switch (relay coil) with power from ignition so it’s will go off if I forget it when stopping tractor.

The relay also make it freewheel, instead the cytron mod. Both work. But relay contacts can wear out over time.

Both work, using cytron_in allow to use a different enable switch or fuse if desired.

So I think I understand. Does anyone have any pictures of their wiring harness that they’d be willing to share? Thanks!

I can get you some maybe tomorrow if I am out to my tractor. What exactly do you want to see?

Preferably connections, fuse locations, and lengths. Thanks

I hope this helps. It’s not as pretty as some people’s but it works. I don’t know lengths. I just wired on to the WAS for example and then routed the wire to the board cab and hooked it to the plug. it goes 12 volt in, fuse, switch, (24 volt converter which you don’t have), board. Then two wires to motor, 3 wires to WAS, 2 wires to the switch (plus a couple more in my case because switch lights up).