Wiring help

Need help figuring out if I can hook AOG up to a raven hydraulic steering controller, if so could someone tell me which wire I should hook up where. Currently have PCB V2 and have ordered Plug J4 in the attached wiring harness.

115-4001-109.pdf (84.5 KB)

Is it just a Danfoss valve you want to control? A photo/part number of the valve would get the correct answer.

Or are you trying use the Raven steering controller to drive the valve?

It is a Raven Smartrax kit to mount on a Case IH Magnum we purchased off ebay. We currently have the valve mounted on a IH 3388. I would like to use PCB board to control it. On the attached PDF with plug J4 it shows 12 wires. I was wanting to figure out which wire would go where on the attached picture and if it would even be possible. Best I can figure it looks like 12 wires would come from the valve including the WAS.

Yes im pretty sure is just a danfoss valve (voltage type) but cant find the picture on here. Too much stuff haha. The new v5 has the danfoss option ready to go.

1- Signal return (Not used with AOG)
2- Valve ground - PCB Ground
3- Pressure sensor power (Need sensor details)
4- Wheel angle sensor signal - PCB WAS signal
5- Pressure sensor signal (Need sensor details)
6- Wheel angle sensor power - PCB WAS 5v
7- Valve signal - PCB Cytron Driver Ch1 (Signal to drive valve)
8- Valve error (Not used with AOG)
9- Valve power PCB Power 12v
10- Sensor ground - PCB Ground
11- Not sure maybe not connected in valve loom
12- Not sure maybe not connected in valve loom

Not sure how they are cutting the steering off when steering wheel is moved, it would depend on how the system is connected hydrauic wise you might need a encoder/sensor on the steering wheel? Or the pressure transduer will pickup the LS pressure from the steering orbial and is most likey a 4-20mA sensor you will need to check the senosr first before connecting to the PCB pin A0 (4-20mA will need good 200ohm resistor to ground)

Thanks for your help I will definitely keep you posted

Did you ever get AOG working with the smartrax?

I have not, Im not very good at this wiring thing.