Witmotion 901 IMU

I have couple of BWT901CL IMU’s from witmotion, but don’t know if any good.
Have anybody tested these / have knowledge about their functionality at real world?
On table they work ok… :slight_smile:
(spec / datasheel BWT901CL - Google Drive)

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I’m also interested in information on the Wit-motion 901 ttl with either a direct connection into the laptop or an Arduino.

I did little arduino code for esp8266 that shows roll on webpage with big numbers and moving “blade” moving as roll varies.
i wont publish it on github or something, can put direct link to software source if somebody really wants to laugh…:slight_smile:
pretty much witmotions example for arduino, just added dynamic webpage, hardcoded wlans etc, nothing fancy. And wont work with aog.

I might (or might not) get some time to do udp version for aog…
or maybe just add udp, webpage wont eat resources if not used.
Have to look someday, but as said, if you “speak” arduino, example sketch just works. and there are windows examples also with sources.

have modified an ino for v5 using hwt901.
u can test it and see

for test
rx nano > tx hwt
5v nano > vcc hwt
gnd > gnd

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Thanks, will test in … couple of days or weeks. :slight_smile:
(Or if insomnia comes to visit, this night…)

Udp version but not tested

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Question from my ignorance, is this IMU really better than the BNO085?
It is worth it, since the price is higher

Well tested. Not working.
What ever I put config (witmotion config-software), speed is 115200 and it won’t work if imu is supposed to talk with 38400 with agio…

Kind of works:-) Imu sends something (at 38400), roll line comes, but stays at 0 all the time.

If my insomnia continues, will test with softwareserial, put witmotion to another pin and run arduino at 38400…

Well, tested, but no go. Tired, might be something to do with not working. :slight_smile: Will continue other day…

Edit: my testing it with base-antenna (so no moving) and simulator. (obviously not at same time) Should roll move with non-moving gps-signal or with simulator?

Don’t know.
Don’t have one to compare. :slight_smile: But these I have some to experiment.
On bench seems ok, mainly testet repeating tilting yawing rolling etc and coming back to same position. Of course, didn’t documented any test, but in my mind I was thinking this could work. :slight_smile:

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Have set speed in witmotion sofware AT 38400 and 10 htz

Yes… but it doesnt change. :slight_smile:
What version are you using, i have some recall that this (bwt901cl) has serial always at 115200.

Hwt901b ttl
38400 in config, angle set , 10htz

Will make some screenshots tomorrow to see wich need bé set and how

Can’t be done. :slight_smile: If we believe this…

Ok i Can set software serial AT 115200 and serial to 38400 and it will work on another pin

Mine Can have serial speed Can be changed

Works with software serial, but if one is using software serial, i think the delay(90) at end should be implemented via some non-blocking style?

if (millis()-previous >90 {
Serial.write statements

For moment cant tell wich imu is the best. Some have advantage. For this one, its a rugged box, kalman filter… And Can buy direct rs232 version if your tablet computer have this.

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It ran now for 8 hours on tablet, when it is static, it won’t drift. :slight_smile:
As I have understand that some others might do.
I left it , heading was 146/147 changing now and then, does same still.
Also, don’t know about bno,cmps etc calibration, but in this is witmotions software, that has calibration routines to be done, I assume, if one calibrates module place where to be used, might be quite good. Don’t know. I just wonder along and get ideas and forgot them…

Just wish I have a tractor to install. Couple of days ago took my lawnmower out of carage, and thought…
So tempting to get test install do be done to it…

This now goes off topic, but… :slight_smile: I’m thinking installing one f9p to lawnmower, put wlan / radio / 4g, something to it. Run agopengps at garage laptop, which gets data over air, and steering goes back over air, user interface via teamviewer on tablet… :slight_smile:

u have ur ino with software serial *? maybe i dont need waste time if u already done it ^^ thanks