Work/drawing switch for section control

Hi all.
I have build a simple section control with an Arduino nano and a 8 channel relay(i only use 5 of the relay’s)
It’s wired from nano:
d5 to relay in1
d6 to reley in2
d7 to reley in4
d8 to reley in4
d9 to reley in5

Sketch is the newest “machine USB”

It works really good, both in the simulator and on the field.
Howerer, i have to turn the relays on by pressing auto or manual in AOG.
I tried putting a switch between GND and d4 on the nano (like described in the AOG DokuWiki)
but it doesn’t turn them on. There must be a way to turn auto on by a switch without the use of a PCB??
I’m sure the problem lies in the sketch, but i am not smart enough to figure it out slight_smile:

Dont have AOG in front of me atm but is workswitch tab in machine settings. Tick all approriate boxs.

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I tryed alle workswitch settings in AOG. It doesn’t help…

I’m working through the same problem.

The work switch is now wired through the autosteer board.

From what I see use a separate nano loaded with the autosteer INO. No need for the entire PCB.

Provide power, and wire your work switch from digital pin 7, through the work switch, and then ground.

Ok, thank’s.
I tryed to upload the atosteer INO. to another NANO, but got a lot of errors, so it couldn’t complete the sketch upload.
Anyway, i dont need the autosteer at the moment, only sektioncontrol for now.
So i’m thinking, isn’t it possible to just copy those “workswitch lines” from the autosteer sketch, into the machine sketch? And then upload them to the NANO?
I dont know how to do it, but maybe someone does?
Thanks again.

I had some header errors uploading the autosteer INO to a nano until I extracted the support files, then they loaded successfully.

I think it would work to move the work switch code, but it uses a separate serial string to control it now and would require recoding to the section control serial string. It may be easier to remove all the unused autosteer code and still upload to a separate nano.

I see they updated the machine usb to using a Mega, maybe it would be easier to add the work switch back in now.

You must copy all the files from support folder to a new folder, because the files in the support folder could be write protected, which produces a row of fault codes when you compile.

Hi guys.

Now it works!.
It was my fault…i only copied the Autosteer.ino file to a new folder, and not the rest of the files (stupid).
Once i copied all the files, it uploaded perfect to the NANO. And now GND and pin D7 works as a workswitch on the second NANO when connected to the autosteer port in AOG.
Thanks again.

I have build a small keyboard with three buttons using the keyboard shortcuts for autosteer on/off, autowork on/off and snap line. I used an arduino micro and connect it via USB. That works great with SC.