Working two implements - Front and behind

Looking for ideas on how to make section control work for a front mounted fert applicator and rear mounted potato planter. Simple if separate screens are used and two receivers on roof but I don’t want to go to the expense of two receivers on my roof :woozy_face: I’m sure there are some others who run front mounted equipment along with rear mounted tools who may have found simple solutions to this? Any and all help/suggestions are appreciated! :+1:

I am aware of other similar scenarios. Good to raise the point but I’m always concerned about the huge number of feature requests while there are not many who have the skills to implement these.

You mention the option of two screens and receivers. Why would you need two receivers? Why not share the position data of a single receiver?

I have no coding skills to be able to change the programme to suit my own individual problem so I was just wondering if others found a way around it or if it was a widespread request, just thought I’d test the waters so to speak! If I can share the position to both tablets I will go down that route, I just don’t know how to do this simply :thinking: any guide on doing this?

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I’m not sure about the best way to share a single GNSS receiver but if you have it connected via a COM port, you could use applications that split, share or forward COM ports on a Windows computer.

You could even do it physically if you have easy access to the actual rx and tx wires, just need to feed the GNSS receiver output to the input of the second laptop.

Here’s how I did it Sharing NMEA - ArduSimple


Obviously if the receiver has two or more independent ports, feeding position data to two or more devices is fairly straightforward.

Would be useful to know which receiver the OP plans to use.

A possible solution would be to control only the unit in the front, and for the rear tool use timing: the tool controller (arduino) knows the speed, so it could calculate when to lift ect.

It is done like this at overrow vineyard sprayers, when sections don’t form a line.

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Hoping to go down the Ardusimple road. My tablets have only usb input, I’ve no input for rs232

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