Writing new motor driver

Hello to all
However AGOpenGps is one incredibile software.
Do somebody know how to write autosteer plugin for chinese motor who have all incorporated and serial communication. 12V 50W 7N. M 80Rpm 100Rpm Elektrische Steering Motor Driveless Tractor Motor Voor Auto Stuurinrichting|DC Motor| - AliExpress?
There is full datasheet and not need any pcb any part just 1 cable

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Wonder how many AOG users would prefer that motor (plus all the missing mechanical parts) over a hydraulic valve? Price range similar anyway. If it was $ 200 including tractor model specific installation parts, I might be interested (assuming it would be safe on public traffic).

Yes I did for using it with wifi-UDP. (Aog 4.3.10)
Have a look at GitHub - Lechnerch/AOG_Autosteer_ESP32: AgOpenGPS V4 autosteer code for ESP32

But: My software is for those motors which are built in 2020. For newer one my software has to be adapted a little bit.

Have also a look at Autosteer - Brushless Motor - #64 by stofficl

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For people that do not have a pre-equipped tractor, Fluid-System hydraulic bloc cost arround 1000€ + all hydraulics part required to connect the bloc to the orbitrol.
This motor is clearly more expensiv than phidget + 3D printed parts, but seems to me still less expensive than hydraulic (for people with non pre-equipped tractor).


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True but going from $100 to $800 (plus adapters) is a big step. Going from $800+ to 1000€ is not that much more, specifically when taking into account the advantages.

Options are often good but not if they load SW development. Here it turns out not to be any additional development load if stofficl already has the necessary SW (or at least almost ready).

I’m glad that this amount of people is interested in this type of auto piloting for tractors. After multiple calculations i have come to the fact that after all it’s more more favorable to use this Chinese motor. The link for their software is this one : 济南科亚电子有限公司
I have purchased one to be able to do adapting the work of this motor with the software of Agopengps.
Inside this specific motor is given HAL sensor which has 40.000 thousand impulses per 360 degrees.
Inside of it is also a positioning sensor, the motor can over serial communication communicate every 20 ms, which also puts this motor to be a profesional solution not only just for steering tractors but also for other robotics. Even if you have all of the hydraulics ready i suggest the usage of this motor because how it’s used in profesional usage, now it can be used for amateur usage. If some programmer is interested to participate in this project let me know. Inside the data sheet of this motor the commands are given which put the motor in the position you want, there are commands for on/off so if you want to take command of the steering wheel you will have to act with a force greater than 10 Nm in that case you will read from the electro motor that the encoder has an error and that tells you that you need to turn off the motor. From that moment the steering is in your hands. Thank you everyone who has been interested in helping me with the implementation.

Hi Gimelnut!

As I said: My software is adapted to the older version of this motor. You only have to adapt it once a little bit (add some commands and a Cecksum and wiring to RS232). Then it should work…

Ok thank you
due to AGopengps open license software i am clone it with visual studio from GIT to my pc.
I am start them and work fine.
Now do you know how to start writing driver from what point in to code etc?
My version of motor is KY170C.

Or maybe just need to change serial command

Start modifying code at line 191…
You just have to update the commands and - if you want - changing to serial. (I did it with wifi)

Apologies we had a misunderstanding my idea is to make direct rs 232 communication between agopengps and the Ky170c motor

Ok sry. I dont know how to make this in AOG. I used a ESP32 between.
In your case I can‘t help, sry!

After many days watching agopengps code i can not foud where they do constant serial communication with their arduino driver
Maybe you can help me about variable who need to be back from motor driver.
Do you know what variable need to fill to Agopengps be satisfied and continue to work
If is simle you can contact me
My skype name is live:.cid.de29ff11b513f7fa
Or whatsapp: +38163504039
Thank you in advace