Wrong file area size of google earth KML imported boundary

1 cuadro.kml (2.3 KB)
I have created this boundary on google earth with the area of 0.78Ha (it correspond to the real size of the field) but when I import this KML as a bondary, AgOpenGPS 4.1.12 says that the size is 15.94Ha.


Did you make the boundary as polygon?
I looked your kml file and it looks differnent then my kml files.
May be that yuor SIM coordinates are wrong.

Hi @MylArti,

Is curious, I have tried again to load the kml file and now the area is correct.

I have had the same issues as this too. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. When you continue the work in the field with the larger size, it’s like it misses every other time across the field