Xbee antennas

Trying to sort out an external antenna for the Xbee modules on the F9P. If you’re running 900 MHz should you be looking for a 916 or 868 center frequency?

heres what i use with the freewave kits that come with Swiftnav Piksi Multi. It has range of 870-960. Not sure how critical antenna selection is. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was looking at these, nice long cable and seems to be low loss. Just have them so I can move the radio between units

range is not even to 900? On the ones i use I just build my own cable and put an SMA female panel mount connector on that end. And then just screw antenna to it :thinking:

I use 868mhz xbee radios, and I built a dipole groundplane antenna for the base to get long distance, as we only are allowed to send 25mW in Europe.

Made from a chassis sma connector and some copper wire. I ordered an antenna analyzer to calibrate it to exactly the right frequency. Most of cheap antennas are off frequency and will not get maximum range

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It looks to me like most 900 MHz radios like the digi or freewave in North America have about a 915 MHz center.