Xbee bluetooth ntrip

Hi, I am now running a ardusimple RTK2B (panda UPD) with NTRIP from tablet, connected to phone with Wi-Fi.
But I am considering changing to a xbee bluetooth module on GPS, connected direct to phone, to avoid internet on tablet, the tablet isn’t the strongest, and I then don’t have to worry about virus and windows wanting to update etc.

What are your thoughts, and experiense? and how to do it, does it have to be a specific xbee bluetooth module, what app on phone, and how to setup and connect?

I guess the Lefebure app on a phone would work if you had xbee bluetooth on the RTK2B board. But this does not make the weak tablet any stronger, if you mean physically weak?
Myself I use bluetooth PAN instead of WIFI to connect the laptop to internet, consumes a lot less power. I run the laptop updated anyway, not worried about windows updates etc.

I have a couple Bluetooth xbee that I use. Works great together with the lefebure ntrip app on android.

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