Xbee Ntrip client into Trimble Fmx

Has anyone got an xbee Ntrip wifi master to work with an Fmx as a client. Neighbor and I have been trying to get his to work with his Fmx, it works with his 372 and my 372 just fine but when we connect it to his Fmx we get no Rtk fix. We did make the cable from the xbee to Fmx 12 pin. We have rs232 9 pin as 2-Tx 3-Rx 5-grnd, on the Fmx we have it pinned as 3-rx 4-tx and 5-grnd. Part of issue might be our county base requires a position to stay connected, the 372 I am more familiar with to get a nmea gga string out and that all seems good. Maybe we are missing this with the Fmx. He also has an RtKonnect box that we have tried and it gets rtkfix with the Fmx and county base, the RtKonnect we have set to send a manually saved position back to county base so that’s why I am thinking this maybe the. Issue. I believe he is using Port C on his Fmx.
Any ideas would be great

i need check wire but the best solution is put an f9p, xbeed ntrip on it and inject corrected nmea position on a slot behind the fmx. i need check pinout and wich slot.

I’m afraid that feeding NMEA to FMX does not allow to use it for autosteer…

With FMX one must use different a different connector ports for getting NMEA out and feeding RTK corrections (RTCM / CMR) in.
Those who are using Lefebure NTRIP client can also use the android internal GPS for supplying the position needed by the base.