XBee radios for Micro Board

I’m sorry since I just know this is going to be a bit of an easy/duhh kind of question but I’m overwhelmed by the options. Ultimately I want to add Canada radios to my existing base station, the AOG build and also one more for a handheld rover device I’m noodling on separately.

I ordered an assembled micro AIO board from DIY Farm Tech, and I believe it has headers for the RTK radio. Everyone keeps talking about XBee radios but theres a ton of options.

Am I best to buy an Ardusimple XLR and two LR’s for my needs, and those will just snap right in (to the AIO board)? Are they actually good value? It looks like they aren’t available on Mouser so would have to order form AS directly.

Or can I just buy something like the Digi XBP9B-XCST-021 for literally a fraction of the price? It appears to have the same RP-SMA antenna hookup and the headers/carrier board.

That Digi option is still an XBee SB Pro XSC series. As best I can make out they’re lower power so I’d still want the AS XLR for my base station, but would I regret buying the Digi linked above for my rovers?

There’s just so many configurations when I check the digikey and mouser websites. I hate to overspend but also don’t want to buy the wrong thing and end up with a ton of headache trying to get them to work.

Any clarity would be much appreciated!

The Ardusimple boards will fit right into the xbee socket on the AIO board. They are probably best if you don’t want to screw around with anything. But if you do you can look at the Digi XB9X-DMRS-001 or the XB9X-DMUS-001(The DMUS has a built in u fl connector). These are both the LR equivalent. For these you can solder on 2mm headers on the castelled holes. For the XLR you need the pro version which is the XBP9X-DMxS-001. Those ones need a heat sink on the bottom though. You should also check out @m_elias’s listing for adapter boards. He had a few issues with them though. @m_elias has done alot of work with the xbee radios and could probably tell you more than me

Thanks that’s really helpful, I’ll dig into his post history and see what I can learn.

Is it difficult to mix and match radios if I have a different brand for a different device? Or is setting the frequency just a standard part of setting them up?

I think you’ll need to stay within the same series or “family”, they need to use the same protocol to be compatible, like the two Digi SX (Pro) part numbers that @Guy1000 mentioned, they are the same as the XLR & LR and talk the same language to each other.

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Who is behind this DIY Farm Tech shop?

That’s me

OK, safe to purchase then.

Beauty alright I ordered one of each of the AS boards and a digi board just to experiment with on a third device, gonna try and put that one inside a uConsole and make a handheld mapping device