Xbee xl - which radio antenna do i need

want to equip my base with an xbee xl radio. because in my country it is not legal to use the xbee xlr. my question now is which Athens do I need for this or is the best.
I don’t know exactly which MHz signal the XBee LR sends out.

is ardusimple’s athens good enough?

or do I need 1 of solid copper.

idea was to use a raspberry pi 3b with rtkbase software from stefal. with an f9p and an ardusimple gps. then an xbee lr to raspberry pi 3


what are your experiences?

Which country is it? According to Ardusimple, their radio works on the frequency band:
Europe: 863-870 MHz. The Aliexpress antenna seemed to be for 433 MHz.

Dutch, Europe. so must have 1 of 863 870mhz

but for me it was more about whether the ardusimple is a good atenna or do you recommend 1 from aliexpres that has better transmission range. if so, what information should I pay attention to. what properties should the atenna have

ArduSimple will have a good antenna. AliExpress prices are usually cheap but not always worth it. Compare db gain, make sure frequency is correct. I’d stick with the one from ArduSimple, especially if the cable is long enough.