Yaw rate affecting roll in roll compensation

Does AOG take into account yaw rate when doing roll compensation. 99% of the time I don’t think it matters. But I’m just curious. It’s pretty easy to convert the yaw rate into a force vector which could be added to the roll vector to get the actual ground position.

apparent_sideways_acceleration = yaw_rate * pi * forward_speed / 180

Acceleration in m/s^2, yaw_rate in degrees/second, speed in m/s. Divide that by 9.8 to get a percentage of one gee.

Just noticed that my starfire receivers do calculate a yaw rate, but I’ve no clue if they use it for compensation or not.

Interestingly the DOGS2 (not as much) and the MMA increase the roll as angular velocity increases. But this is a good thing since with wheel slip moving the antenna over more increases the steer angle automatically. AOG does calculate angular velocity limiting the steer angle to a lesser amount to keep from turning too fast

We should talk about this later, as I thought about limiting the PWM in Arduino depending on actual speed

Yeah I don’t think the centrifugal force from turning in a tractor amounts to anything worth considering, as far as measured roll angle vs real roll angle.