Zero roll issue

Hello everyone,

How often Do you need to Set roll to zero.
I use a CMPS14 with Panda. I have seen that zero roll offset on same flat underground can varias a lot, more than 0.5 degree, after a complete New Start of the whole System. Have someone seen same Problem?


Same problem here.
Have to zero everytime i start a job.
Probbably different types off cmps14.
Testing at this moment for a stable solution.

I have mounted my cmps14 on the chassis and did it on concrete. Now I’m tilling on side hill and on one side I have -4 to -6 degrees, the other is 15; 20 degrees. Now I’m on the concrete again and it’s showing 2 and when I turn the tractor on 180 degrees it’s showing 1.7(I think it should be -1.7 ?)

I have leveled the tractor and set roll to zero and it was ok so I make couple of passes in the field. Then I think when I turned on the AC the AOG went like drunk for 1 second and the roll degrees -13 on one side and +7 on the other…

Yes i See also Bad behaviour with the cmps14!
I have ordered a BNO085

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Today I did not turn on AC and worked good. But I turn on the whole lights and there was a little drunk behaviour.
From where do you bought bno085?

What Do you mean with AC? And the lights?
Ah you mean that These Things interfernece the cmps14?

air conditioner, AC climate

Yes. Air con

Yes, interfernece. AC- air con. Lights - headlights, but when I turn on all of them and not every time just once then I turn them off and on, but no interfernece.

This is how I did my “Zero roll” right now.

I tried an test with Panda… I feel that the Fix2fix heading is the Bad influence. So in the Heading Chart the Imu heading looks smooth, but the fix2fix heading wiggl woggls a lot. I have rtk fix so the roll will be the Bad Thing i think.

BR Peter

Hello Do you found an solution for it? :slight_smile: